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WELCOME to the world largest selection of unique Essiac® products, providing targeted treatment options. Essiac® are all natural herbal products decoction (tea)… which has been proven to have powerful healing properties and with galenicals.

Not only do we have the largest products selection we also proud to offer you the only true complete original legal Essiac® products, we actually own the Trademark 1.625.600, (for protection to consumers). We also offer medical advice, guidance, protocol (with medical info).

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Thousands of cancer and other degenerative disease patients throughout the past few decades have greatly benefited from herbal healers and Products.

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ESSIAC.COM is your source for trustworthy products that bring healing to your illnesses. Try our supplements and Products today and see the difference.

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ESSIAC® is an herbal decoction which has been proven to have powerful healing properties. Freely given by an Ojibwa medicine man in 1892, the original Essiac® has generated one of the most interesting stories in modern medicine.

Rene M Caisse, cured her mother of terminal cancer with this product in 1924, then proceeded to successfully treat thousands of cancer patients over the next 54 years.

ESSIAC® is a product made to use and consisting of herbs brewed as a DECOCTION, the TEA is NOT the original recipe of Nurse Rene Caisse nor of the Ojibwa indians (autochthons) TEA is mainly used as a tea and tonic.

Some of the Essiac® Products


Is the product produced by the developer Rene Caisse R.N. . The Decoction has been used since 1922 in the treatment of CANCER and other serious diseases. This  is the original product which bears the trademark # 1 625 600

If it is NOT on the label then it is a FRAUD AND A COUNTERFEIT.


Is used only by written prescription of a licensed health care provider. It is NOT to be used intravenously nor by mouth. This product is given only intramuscular and or subcutaneously.  Dr. Charles Brusch president J F Kennedy’s personal physician was involved in the development of the injectable product.


Is a product to enhance and treat kidney functions especially in cancer and renal failure, these pills were licensed in Canada. The kidney pill are produced in the same fashion as it was by the Deloper Rene Caisse R.N.


A basic salve to treat numerous dermatological and cancers. This product is composed of only natural elements, the same salve is used in veterinary medicine.  This is applicable to the entire line of products (note it was human tested before being applied to animals).


Pills are made of a few herbs and Hieron pill are used mainly in respiratory cancer conditions as well as non-cancerous conditions Hieron were respiratory function fails.

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