Essiac from Canada International™ is Restoring Life and Legacy for Individuals and Those Who Came Before Us

Essiac from Canada International™ is Restoring Life and Legacy for Individuals and Those Who Came Before Us

Protecting Rene Caisse’s century-old, wild-harvested natural remedy, Essiac ensures relief for all generations.

Ottawa, Ontario (April 2021) – Americans, in all walks of life, have taken their wellness into their own hands. An independent recent consumer poll disclosed that 92% of those surveyed used supplements to ensure their good health and to deter potential health challenges they fear could affect them as it has done for the older generation in their families. COVID-19 woke up many for the need to find natural solutions that support immunity and deter potential critical health issues.

Used by people seeking safer, natural integrative solutions, Essiac From Canada International offers the original Essiac dietary supplements, which are backed by extensive scientific studies and available as an herbal powder, herbal extract, and vegetable capsule. Its product line stays true to the formulation first introduced in 1922 by Canadian Nurse, Rene Caisse who learned of the remedy from Ontario’s Ojibwa nation. Their formulation consists of four whole plant sourced™ ingredients: burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, and Indian rhubarb, honoring Indigenous wisdom, and providing a solution that allows people to restore life and legacy, ultimately creating a world in which we can all thrive, overcome barriers, and triumph. Essiac is renowned for its ability to enhance the immune system, reduce oxidization, and promote detoxification.

Essiac From Canada International’s product line is rich in antioxidants. The burdock root bolsters the immune system, helps the body combat inflammatory diseases, and contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation and protect cells from damage by free radicals. Free radical cell damage can result in health problems like aging, diabetes, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and central nervous system diseases. Essiac’s sheep sorrel possesses strong antiviral properties, strengthens the walls of cells, and helps prevent the destruction of red blood cells. It also is high in vitamin C, which boosts immunity and produces infection-fighting white blood cells. The solution’s slippery elm eases gastrointestinal issues, and its Indian rhubarb is rich in antioxidants.

By helping people restore life and legacy with these many health benefits, Essiac From Canada International envisions a world in which holistic wellness and the power of whole plants is realized.

“Our Essiac formula is made for those who are ready to take responsibility for their wellness. Our customers are searching for overlooked resources. They search quietly and find new solutions from nature, just like Rene Caisse, who in 1922, heard of an Ojibwa herbal mixture with healing properties, and dedicated the rest of her life to perfecting Essiac and assisting others with her formula ,” said Essiac From Canada International Co-owner, Dr. Lucille Perreault.

Essiac From Canada International produces ESSIAC Herbal Powder, ESSIAC Extract, and ESSIAC Capsules, all of which are vegan, non-GMO, and free of pesticides.

Essiac is available online at Amazon and through hundreds of natural products retailers nationwide.

About Essiac From Canada International

Essiac From Canada International™ is owned by Larry Poirier and Dr. Lucille Perreault. Its mission is to help people thrive, restoring their power to heal themselves, and supporting them in their desire to overcome obstacles and live out their own legacy. Their Essiac formula honors the work of Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse that in 1922 introduced the Essiac formulation inspired by Ontario’s Ojibwa nation’s traditional herbal remedies. Available as an herbal powder, vegetable capsule, and herbal extract, Essiac contains four simple ingredients, burdock root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel, and Indian rhubarb.

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