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MARIE RENE CAISSE R.N.;(1888-1978) Nurse Caisse devoted a good part of her professional life to a product she called her name spelled backwards ESSIAC. She suffered many hardships trying to help and treat people with cancer, she was persecuted, by the Medical profession and they have placed pressure on the politicians. Nurse Caisse being what she had at heart is to help people with disease and especially with Cancer. Even with all the political trouble and the pressures placed upon her, she continued treating and obtaining fantastic results with her terminal patients. She fought all negative medico-politico pressures and her main goal was to treat and possibly cure cancer. She claimed that after 25 years in remission then she could consider it a cure otherwise it was remission from the dreadful disease. From the 1920’s till 1977 she fought on, many during this time wanted her recipe for the ESSIAC, she asked only one thing that the products would not be shelved and that it would be made available to the people. Guess what the Medical-Political could not grant her only wish, they knew the good of the product but the economics to the political parties was greater than the good to the people, people were possibly dispensable but no money. In her wisdom she gave for one dollar a recipe to a company (in cahoots) with the medical-political of the day, and soon afterward they negated the promises made to her (in writing and verbal) they breached their own contract. Note in her wisdom she had only given a part of the recipe, possibly anticipating a double cross, she was a wise lady. At her advanced age and feeling more tiered and had very little fight in her she decided not to take the complete recipes with her into her grave. She had a confidence man (Mr. Gilbert Blondin) who repaired, painted her house and was her maintenance expert, she had also treated his wife for lymphoma (2003 she is still well and alive) She then decided to give him the entire formulation of all her recipes. Dec 26 1978 Nurse Caisse passed away dying of Pneumonia (not cancer) Gilbert had been shown how to do during the remaining period of life. Nurse Caisse said “Gilbert do what you can with it” (this is in her hand writing) it was also used in court evidence. Later on Mr. Blondin teamed up with Dr. Gaulin and formed corporation in Canada and then expanded to the United States of America and many other placed in the world. Note that there is only one true complete original formulation, and that is the one given to Mr. Blondin and bears the US trademark 1,625,600 any other is a fraud and a counterfeit. Rene Caisse legacy continues and in her name we fight for the rights of the person affected by this disease As of 1986 Dr Gaulin has been supervising and treating patients with serious diseases such as cancer aids and many other degenerative conditions. Dr. Gaulin treats patients from the 5 continents and MUST have a complete medical history from the patient, otherwise he cannot give specific medical advise if the complete medical history is not obtained, this is the tool he requires.

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