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  • NOELLA DAILY; diagnosed with terminal lymphosarcoma in 1977.As a desperate move when told there was nothing else to be done, she and her husband Gilbert, searched and found Rene Marie Caisse R.N. in Bracebridge Ontario. Nurse Caisse the originator of ESSIAC (her name spelled backward)
  • The recipe came from a patient whom in the late 1800 or early 1900’s cure her breast cancer with the recipe that she obtained from the Ojibwa Medicine Man. In 1977 Rene Caisse was famous because since 1922 she used the formulations successfully to treat many cancer patient. In 1977 the couple had no other choice but the Rene Caisse ESSIAC TREATMENT and the products. Every week Gilbert had to drive Noella to nurse Caisse’s home office (some 250 miles one way) Noella soon started to feel better and stronger, her appetite had increased. At one point in the ESSIAC TRERATMENT nurse Caisse used Galenical formulation, this when the treatment required individualization of the ESSIAC TREATMENT.
  • For over one year rain or shine snow or ice Noella traveled to and from Bracebridge Ontario. As time went by Noella recovered her health. It is now 2001, (now 24 years post diagnosis) and Noella is a picture of health.Nurse Caisse always quoted 25 years of remission then it is considered a cure. Noella then has one more year to be considered officially cured of the cancer.
  • The physicians still cannot attribute anything to her recovery considering they have not contributed to the therapy They will not admit to the remission except to say it is a spontaneous remission. Noella is still being medically monitored still near perfect medical lab reports
  • Gilbert and Noella give thanks to the Lord and Rene Caisse and her ESSIAC TREATMENT
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  • GILBERT BLONDIN; dob…….. The husband of Noella who was treated by Nurse Rene Caisse. He was always driving Noella to Nurse Caisse’s home in Bracebridge Ontario over 500 miles per round trip, this was done every week end ,even in the harsh winters in the Algonquin Park in northern Ontario. Nurse Rene Caisse never gave more that 8 oz of the precious fluid ( decoction), therefore the patient had to drive every week ,to receive her ESSIAC TREATMENT and products . During many week ends Gilbert , a handy man decided to return the favor to Nurse Caisse,. by doing well needed repairs to her home. Cleaning, plumbing, electrical repair, replacing windows, painting inside and outside the home. He did this because he appreciated what Nurse Caisse was doing, she was making his wife noticeably better. In 1978 Nurse Caisse called Gilbert an honest man and gave him her lifetime work and accomplishments thus giving Gilbert the ONLY TRUE COMPLETE ORIGINAL FORMULAS OF HER ESSIAC, including the famous Decoction, Injectables, Salve, Enema, and RMC Kidney Pills. Gilbert is the only person who has the formulas and this was directly from the originator of the products. .These formulas were handed to him in Nurse Caisse’s own hand writing. A very brief letter was given to Gilbert along with the formulations. NOBODY ELSE ever claimed to have nor to have made Nurse Caisse’s products Decoction, Injectables, Salve, Enema, and RMC Kidney Pills. Furthermore Gilbert Blondin received many documents (originals & copies) he received the 240 galenical formulations which were in the given documentations. Nurse Caisse, at her advanced age did not want her formulas to die with her physical body and therefore left her life’s ambitions and remedies to a man who has proven to her his honesty, sincerity, appreciation of what she had done for Noella. He was in Nurse Caisse’s mind worthy of such a gift of life and to have made it available to the people in need. Nurse Caisse was certainly aware that he would encounter troubles with the authorities as time went on. She even told him so, and Gilbert did keep himself in the woodwork until 1986 when he and his partner incorporated. Then the troubles really started when Gilbert and his partner Dr. Gaulin went public, and made the product available.© ess gilbert blondin.intro

  • DR. PIERRE GAULIN LAZORE-KHANATARONK;: An autochthon of the Iroquois Nation (Mohawk) and of the Algonquin Nation Abenaki. He was raised and received his primary and secondary education in Canada, then continued his medical & health education in the USA. France, United Kingdom, and 3 years in mainland China, all this to supplement his maternal and cultural teachings about the health and the Canadian flora.
  • Dr. Gaulin did speak with Nurse Caisse in 1975, mainly because his aunt was terminally diagnosed with breast cancer and spoke to her on a few other occasions. Nurse Caisse never entertained his request to go and learn on site her works. Later it was said that she was very careful and certainly his being a doctor was not a good approach because she feared to be betrayed by the healing profession who had demonstrated for years that all they wanted was the recipe(s)to her ESSIAC TREATMENT.
  • In late 1980 Dr Gaulin was made aware that a person in the Ottawa/Hull area was making the decoction and was making it available to patients. The source was always a secret, and all had presumably made a solemn promise never to divulge the source, because the person could be arrested, and the supply would then be stopped and nobody could get it in the future, even his only brothers wife never wanted to give information, she had been treated for breast cancer, and in 1997 she is still a survivor of the ESSIAC TREATMENT . This secret was well guarded by all. It was in late 1986, that Dr Gaulin did get in contact with the producer of the miraculous liquid, this was indeed Mr. Gilbert Blondin of Hull, Quebec, Canada.
  • After many discussions and meetings Gilbert Blondin and Dr Gaulin came to an agreement to a partnership. . That honesty between them was of the first order. Then a Canadian Federal Corporation was obtained, this was under the name of Easy-Ac Products Services Ltd. (Easy-Ac meaning Easy Access).
  • Approximately 6 months after incorporation the authorities did take action against the Company, Gilbert Blondin and Dr Gaulin each were charged with 16 counts, on Selling a drug, Possession of a drug, Possession of a drug with the intent to sell, advertising a drug,, after 3 years of trial (17 complete days) and a further one year reserved judgement, On the judgement day the authorities decided to change the charges and amended it by , removing the word drug, and replacing it with the word food,. All during the trial the defense said that the products were foods and not drugs, the word food was not relevant nor pertinent to the case (to quote the judge). At the same time the judgement and sentence; was guilty of ;Possession of a food; Possession of a food with the intent to sell, selling a food, and advertising a food. ONLY an autochthon could be found guilty of such accusations, and especially when he was not even in the country. The Company, and Gilbert Blondin and Dr Gaulin were guilty of these counts.
  • In 1987 Dr. Gaulin started to incorporate the ESSIAC TREATMENT with the only true complete original ESSIAC products in his practice, to his terminally ill patients, to Aids patients, to Degenerative illnesses. Dr Gaulin treats all the above and other conditions Wholistically ( drugless medicine).
  • He further started to practice what he had learned as a child, his mother always gave him a tea in the month that changes the seasons between the 3 rd and 21 St day of the months March, June, September, December . This became part of the prevention protocol. Dr. Gaulin limits his practice to Wholistic Oncology, Wholistic Immunology and the vast majority of patients have received the death sentences from the authoritative institutions, and after having had Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation, then and only then does the patients seek alternative modalities.
  • At this stage nearly all patients obtained improvement and enhanced well being, certain others do go into remissions, and it is only after 25 years of remission is the patient considered cured.
  • NOW; Gilbert Blondin is operating the Canadian market Dr. Pierre Gaulin is operating the American market, along with global distributions.

    Copyright© 1977 – 2015 Essiac Products Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
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