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The above company hereby states some of the original documents it has in it’s possession let us defy any other company to produce their so called originals and this in a court of law and under court seal. The court would be asked to pronounce itself on the original document and to the best of its knowledge the authenticity.

A 16 page list of documents are on file. If you require to see the document, some are restricted to personal view at the office of our company. The ONLY restricted document is the formulations.

To name a few documents;

OD= Original document

1-THE ONLY TRUE COMPLETE ORIGINAL formulations for the Decoction: Injectables: Salves; RMC Kidney Pill: Enema: and galenicals used by Rene Caisse

This document is in Rene Caisse’s handwritten form (allography) (OD)

2- Affidavits (OD)

3- 55,000 name petition (OD)

4- Numerous articles (OD’ & Copies)

5-University of Toronto Banting

6-Brusch Medical Center (OD’s & Copies)

7- Sloan Kettering Institute

8- Trademark 1,625,600 (OD)

9-Homemaker’s magazine 1977 (OD & Copies)

10- Dr. Emma Carson numerous letters to Rene Caisse (OD)

11- Transcripts of 1938 Commission & Rene Caisse) (OD)

12- Many letters to and from Rene Caisse

13- Lt Governor of Ontario( to and from Rene Caisse & this company) (OD & Copies)

14- letter from Rene Caisse to Gilbert ( exhibit) (OD)

15 Northwestern University & Essiac

16- Letters Theopolis (Rome) (OD)

17- Letter from Eva Perron to Rene Caisse

18-Numerous legal documentation (OD & Copies)

19- 1987 to 1991 trial FDA Vs this Company (declared a food NOT a drug) (OD)

20 Numerous physicians MD DO FRCP DMD etc attestations on ESSIAC TREATMENT; (OD & COPIES)

21- Administrative Tribunal court (OD)

NOTE: Over 600 topic documents on file, some contains 1000 pages for one topic, example the trial transcripts.

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