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A natural herbal product which comes in different forms; 1- Decoction 2- Injectables(light, medium and dark) 3- Salve; 4- Enema; 5- RMC Kidney Pills and other adjutant therapies such as Shark Cartilage, Herbal products, 714 X , Glyoxal, Homeopathic etc. Essiac ® has been used first in animal experiments since the early 1930 when Nurse Caisse research the products. She tested these products with Dr. Frederick Banting the discoverer of Insulin and Sloan Kettering did summary experiments on rats, and again tested at the Brusch Medical Center in Mass.

The Irony in this case is that it was human tested before it was used in animals for therapy efficacy. It is usually used in animals and then if the conditions permit it will be used in human. The injectable is available with a prescription from a health care provider and can be administered by the health care provider or he or she can instruct the owner how to do it at home. The Essiac ® products are known for Immune Deficiency Diseases such as CANCER and more recently with AIDS and other Degenerative Diseases. There is NO Cancer into which Essiac ® is contraindicated.

Essiac ® will usually obtain general improvement in the animal condition, he or she will gain appetite, increase some weight that the animal lost during the illness, regain of energy, regain some playfulness, nose will become moist and healthy and generally feel much better The animal MUST have good natural diet and nutrition, which means in certain cases that it goes back to the wild state of the animals nutrition, e.g.; raw meat for a carnivores, with less preservative colorants etc. As to herbivores fresh herbs and grasses must be in the diet, and be supplemented with adequate minerals and vitamins, but the main, and the bulk of the nutrition MUST be natural.


The injectable products are light sensitive, must be kept in a cool place 40- 80 degrees F (4.4 C 26.6C) and away from constant light exposure, It can be refrigerated but NOT frozen ONLY Essiac ® Products Services Inc. has the Original Rene Caisse formulas.


According to the size and weight of the animal using this; a guideline; IM per 100 lbs weight of the animal, therefore a 10 lbs animal 1/10 cc IM and adjusted with the condition of the animal. It may be 1 injection per week or 3 injections per week depending on the condition and status and so on. Exception with large animals the dosage would be decreased from the guideline above but can be given 5 times per week Example a 1200 lbs horse would get 4cc IM 5 times per week and then with the improvement decrease the quantity and frequency of the injectables The most serious conditions one would use the dark injectable and reduce to medium and then light. One must always use the status and conformation of the animal and then institute the right protocol.

As to the Decoction; In small animal always place Essiac ® Decoction in the fresh drinking water (example cat or dogs 1 oz of Essiac ® in 4 oz water, let the animal drink it all before you change it this at least once per day and according the animal size For larger animal repeat this 3 times per day

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