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Proprietary Formulas

ESSIAC® Decoction

This decoction is a nutritional food supplement with great benefits. It has been used for treatments of the generative diseases such as cancer, AIDS, Arthritis, and other illnesses. This product has been known and used since 1922 in the therapy of cancer.



This salve is a natural ointment created by Rene Caisse as a topical cream. It has been used to treat degenerative diseases, cancer sores, cankers, and many minor and dermatological conditions.

ESSAIC® Prostate Pills

These pills condition the prostate gland function, stimulating the glands’ activities. This promotes the circulation of blood, relieves pain and inflammation, and may permit increased sexual activities.

ESSIAC® Hieron

Gel capsules made of pure natural herbs, which have been used in the treatment of pulmonary diseases including cancer and other serious diseases/(dis-ease) Hieron is directly used in pulmpnary conditions especially under the guidance of a knowledgeble Natural Practitioner who has knowledge about Essiac® 1 625 600 products. Treatment need many pills per day (see bottle instructions)

ESSIAC® Kidney Pills

Gel capsules of specific herbal formula developped by Rene Caisse R,N. for the purpose to trreat and enhance the renal functions. Very few capsules are usually required also consult a Natural Health care provider who is familliar with Essiac® 1 625 600 products.

ESSIAC® Injection (Physician only)

This product is available ONLY under prescription by a Health Care Provider. This Rx may be faxed or mailed and must contain the license number and complete address of the prescriber. INJECTION is NOT to be administered IV (intra venous). use is restricted to intra muscular(IM) and sub cuteanous (SC) modalities. Consult the prescribing practitioner or the manufacturer as to application.


This herbal enema is prepared with herbs only, no additive or preservative is used. This preparation was made and used by Rene Caisse and others. It is known to stop and prevent hemorrhaging especially in the lower digestive tract , and used in usual bleeding in gynecological disorders.

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