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is a natural product know to be antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial.. It has been used in any such application where such quality is warranted. To name a few athlete foot, infection of skin, herpes simplex, herpes zooster, herpes genitalis. Tinea pedis, psoriasis, eczemas , dermatitis, it has been used in leucorrhea,, vaginitis, prostatitis, urological bacterial viral infectionsCAUTION; This product may temporarily stain the skin for a period of 1 to 7 days, It will definitely stain clothing and possibly never to recover its original colors


It will stain some material permanently use proper protection on your medical equipment and the uniforms etc. recommend to wear a disposable apron and latex gloves.


Do NOT apply to or close to the eyes, It is recommended NOT to use on the face because of the staining quality of the product.


You do not need large amount to treat a condition

1- Can be used with an eye dropper and placed on the affected area, let it penetrate before sponging of excess.

2- Applied with a Q tip to the affected area, and to insert into orifices where such method can be feasibly used.

3- With a syringe to apply product in such orifices that warrants such product

4- With cotton swab to apply in large orifices

5- In such cases herpes genitalia one uses the swab method and apply liberally to all sexual anatomy (male & female) paint all exterior parts, apply liberally to the interior parts and including the urogenital system and into the bladder

After application or painting make sure you have sanitary pads<, and use disposable under garment. Especially where the patient usually wears his or her best under garment, if the product is on the garment then it will be permanently stained.

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