Essiac Ben Z Oil


Essiac BEN Z OIL

BEN Z OIL, is a products used in cases of local pain(s) such as strain, sprain, tendonitis, post fracture, for long standing aches and pains sometimes referred to as rheumatism or arthritic pains. The basic the ory of this compound has been used for centuries in America even before the discovery of America , the Indians (Autochthons) have used these basic individual elements of trees to treat their ailments described above.

BEN Z OIL, is a proprietary recipe and only 3 kinds of oil are declared, but there are more than 3 basic oil and products are used. Fir tree oil, Pine tree oil, Cedar tree oil and others elements.

BEN Z OIL CAUTION, Do not have contact with eyes, mucous membranes used a heat source with the application of this product, do not use wraps tight clothing or any heating devices or factors.

BEN Z OIL, EXTERNAL USE ONLY; Apply the Essiac Formulas to area without friction or rubbing 2 or 3 times per day. Leave the treated area expose d to normal air, Occasionally a small discomfort of short duration may occur with the application of this product.

BEN Z OIL, Supplied in 25 ml bottles

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