Essiac Aid Nal Ned Lo


Essiac Aid Nal Ned Lo

Mfg; 100% Phyto-plants
Grind to fine powder

Action; inflammation; apocatastasis ; relieving pain

 Historical indications (cmd) p 215 ori mat med
1- fever , laryngitis, and swelling tonsilitis appendicitis urinary infections
2- indicated in patients of malignant tumors, in the head or neck who suffer from dry throat, sore throat head-ache , poor appetite, and during radiation therapy

Avoid Pungent foods Posology;
Internal; 3 capsules 3 time per day for children ½ dosage
External; melt capsule with boiled water ,then apply topically

Alternative auxiliary treatment of tumors;
7 days is 1 course treatment

Day 15 capsules, am4 capsules, noon3 capsules, supper 12 capsules
Day 2repeat day 1 12 capsules
Day 34 capsules, am2 capsules, supper 9 capsules
Day 4repeat day 3 9 capsules
Day 5repeat day 3 9 capsules
Day 6repeat day 3 9 capsules
Day 7REST one day

REPEAT at least 2 other courses.

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