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Essiac Injectable

Essiac INJECTABLES (Physician only)





A natural nutritional supplement in the injectable form, and classed as a food supplement. Has been used since 1940 to treat degenerative diseases such as Cancer; Aids; Arthritis etc. with the famous ” Essiac Treatment” of Nurse Rene Caisse. The injectables are based upon the decoction, but has been modified by Rene Caisse
and Dr. Charles Brusch at the Brusch Medical Center in Mass.. The injectable is NOT the same as the decoction. The injectable is more potent and can be targeted to more specific systems, has a longer action than the decoction. This product is available under the written script from a licensed health care provider. The decoction is used as an adjunct to the injectable and possibly along with other modalities to suit the patient’s own conformation. The injectable has been used successfully by Rene Caisse and other practitioners in numerous terminally ill patients with Cancer, and now Aids patient also find the enhancement of their well being. Significant results have been obtained in animal and clinical research, for over 60 years, this product obtained enormous results,considering that patients were terminally ill and dying. There was nothing more to offer these patients. The site is usually close
to the primary cause or in the gluteus Maximus is the preferred area. The injection is administered I,M. and some cases a small amount S. C.


This product is light sensitive, must be kept in a cool place 40 -65 degrees F (4.4 C 18.3 C ) and away from constant light exposure. It can be refrigerated but NOT frozen Only Essiac Products Services Inc. have the only true Original Complete Rene Caisse formulas.


As directed by the practitioner and according to the conformation of the patient. This is part of the seminars given to licensed health care practitioner on the uses and non-uses of this products


See Essiac Decoction; and it is a modified formulation of the decoction as per the original discoverers Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch


1. cc Amber Vial; 2 cc Amber Vial 5. cc Amber Vial 10 cc Amber Vial 50 cc Amber Vial 1 cc Dental cartridge
2. cc Dental cartridge


Some hybrid or cheap imitations of the products may be available but there is only one true complete original formula

This information is limited to the injectable produced by the company Results are only dependable upon the proper use of the original products.

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