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For a proven herbal healer, turn to ESSIAC.COM of Pompano Beach, Florida. ESSIAC® is an herbal decoction with proven healing properties. Freely given by an Otchipwe medicine man in 1892, it has generated one of the most compelling stories in modern medicine.
Rene Caisse

The Founder

Rene M. Caisse, the woman who spelled her name backwards to give this herbal decoction a name, cured her mother, aunts and numerous other patients of terminal cancer with this product in 1924. Then, she proceeded to treat thousands of cancer patients very successfully throughout the next 54 years, and the continuation thereafter with the second generation ESSIAC® 1 625 600.

The government and the medical establishment in both the United States and Canada reacted with vindictiveness, spying on her, sabotaging her research, and threatening her with arrest and imprisonment. She persisted, but so did the establishments, and today, ESSIAC®is only slightly closer to approval as a treatment for cancer than it was in 1924 when Rene Caisse cured her mother and aunt with it .Rene Caisse worked in collaboration with Dr. Charles Brush President J.F. Kemmedy’s presonal Physician, he also treated his own cancer with ESSIAC from Rene Caisse and later from the trademark 1 625 600. He also treat numerous patients with the ESSIAC® 1 625 600 protocol. Dr. Brusch MD. said ” ESSIAC CURES CANCER PERIOD” . Note ESSIAC® were convicted of being a food not a DRUG #550-01-005409-885.

There is compelling change afoot in public attitudes about personal choice in health care. There are new laws on the books in several states that legalize the use of unapproved therapies by physicians, such as Oregon. Typically, pioneers like Rene Caisse do not see their work come to full fruition in their lifetimes, but we believe she won’t miss it by much. Rene Caisse R.N. worked in collaboration with Dr. Charles Bruscj president J F Kennedy personal physician, he conducted research in hi s laboratory. He took the products for himself thus treating with success his cancer, he did not die of cancer. He said ” ESSIAC CURES CANCER PERIOD”. Dr Brusch developed only the Injectable.

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