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What is known as “ESSIAC Tea” is NOT the Rene Caisse formulation of her world famous products. Essiac tea with the 4 basic herbs is really a tea and or a tonic but it is NOT what it is advertised. You have only one legal true complete original ESSIAC®. trademark 1,625,600. The main products are the decoction with more than 4 herbs and less than a 100, The number of herbs used is a proprietary formula and is not divulged. The DECOCTION is the world renowned product which was called the “CANCER CURE.” This decoction is the original Otchipwe recipe given to nurse Rene Caisse The so called 4 7 or 8 herbs+ formulations are fraudulent, the 4 herb recipe is a watered down formulation and is good tea and tonic. The ESSIAC® INJECTABLE , which is a prescription Rx. item, since it is not a normal route of ingestion of a food product. ESSIAC® is a FOOD not a drug. A licensed health care practitioner, any health provider may order the Injectable as long as the order is from a licensed practitioner on a order form, with the name address license number. The Injectable can be used with the Decoction or separately, depending on the protocol of the practitioner. The SALVE, is referred to as a miracle products cuts, burns, melanoma, post operation, and also as a rejuvenation products The ENEMA is limited to certain conditions, it is not a laxative but for therapeutic use associated with the treatment of serious diseases RMC Kidney pills was developed by nurse Rene Caisse in order to assist the elimination of the dead cancer cells and any other toxins which may be in the urinary tract. HIERON pills was developed to assist respiratory disease such as Cancer PROSTATE 1 was designed to help in the treatment of urinary problems cancer or benign conditions and facilitates the urination process in BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy) The 240 GALENICAL formulations are derived from note of nurse Caisse used in specific treatments Example if constipation is a symptom then Rhubarb could be added to the decoction in order to stimulate the elimination of the dead cancer cells.

Rene Caisse died December 26 1978

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