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ESSIAC® Are all dietary supplements made and manufactured by Essiac® Products Services Inc. and contains the following

Sheep Sorrel ( Rumex Acetosella) Burdock Root ( Arctium Lappa) Slippery Elm (Ulmus Fulva) Rhubarb; ( Rheum Palmatum) and other proprietary plants to make the products as they were made in antiquity by autochthons and by Nurse Rene Caisse

This product has been manufactured in an all natural way as done in an ordinary way, there are no laboratories involved in the manufacturing of the Essiac® products therefore contains no toxic materials, subsequently, there are no known ill side effects other than possibly enhancing well being and if the products are used prudently and in accordance with instructions of the health care practitioner or in accordance with common sense.

All products which are manufactured by Essiac® Products Services Inc. meet all applicable specification of Good Practice in the manufacturing of food and food supplements

All Essiac® Products have no contra indications to any and all Drugs, Chemotherrapies Surgeries, and Radiation treatments and as a fact it attenuates the ill and secondary effects of the above Allopathic modalities

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Pierre Gaulin

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