Certificate of Toxicology


ALL ESSIAC ® products are manufactured by Essiac Products Services Inc. and only contains the natural product as grown in the wild. The natural products contains numerous vitamins and minerals as naturally available from: Water, Sheep Sorrel (Rumex Acetosella; Polygonaceae) Burdock Roo, ( Arctimum Lappa; Compositae) Slippery Elm, ( Ulmus Fulva; Urticaceae) Rhubarb, Rheum Palmatum; Polygonaceae) and other proprietary foods plants, to make the only true complete original formulas Essiac ® as made by Nurse Rene Caisse and her predecessors the Autochthons ( native American Indians) who for thousands of years have used the same as a food supply or to relieve the ailments of the time. There are no known ill side effects in consuming and all of the Essiac products.

There are no toxic products used in the manufacturing of any and all the Essiac ® products, all ingredients used are as made by nature, the only artificial process his heat (cooking in a kitchen type manufacture) and thus the preparation is done by cooking the ingredients and packaging them in the presentable form for consumption.

The Essiac ® products when taken as directed by the health care practitioner and taken in a proper posology or serving, usually will enhance the well being of the consumer, in either to stimulate healthy process and/or in maintaining the present health status of the consumer Ess certificate of toxicology.


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Pierre Gaulin

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