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This document is to certify that Essiac Products Services Inc. has come  into accordance with all regulations of the United States of America and of Canada, thus allowing them to market their product under the trade name  Essiac Products Services Inc and under the Trademarks signs ® and commercially available within the United States and Internationally.

Since the passage of the “Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act” Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. ( DSHEA-1994), DSHEA created a new food category for dietary supplements.  In order for the FDA to remove a dietary supplement from the market, it must prove that the product causes undue harm to customers.  DSHEA    ALL products manufactured by Essiac Products Services Inc, are produced under the DSHEA 1994.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have any information on dietary supplement products for specific conditions or safety of their use and has not pre-cleared their purported claims; under DSHEA, the responsibility for determining the appropriateness of a dietary supplement is the consumer’s not the FDA’s. The DSHEA Act of 1994 excempts dietary supplements from premarket review and approval and the firm is not required to submit safety or efficacy data to the FDA

All of the products manufactured from Essiac Products Services Inc are classed as food supplements and under class 5.


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Pierre Gaulin

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