Certificate of Manufacturing


This is to certify that Essiac® Products Services Inc. is registered as a corporation in the United States of America and of Canada as well as other countries. That the respective authorities are aware of the products manufactured by Essiac® Products Services Inc, “Injectable ” “Enema” “RMC Kidney Pills”  etc.

Further this document serves as a guarantee that all products made by Essiac® Products Services Inc. are processed in accordance Good Manufacturing Practice

Each product content is listed as separate in the certificate of analysis and content

In the USA and other countries where the products are manufactured the company follows the general code of that specific country.  Usually the company has obtained the required permits, incorporation, with the trademark, of the country in question.

Manufacturing of the Essiac® products can be manufactured in any and all countries that will allow the manufacturing of the food supplements in any particular country


Sworn original document

Pierre Gaulin

Notorized document on file


Copyright© 1977 – 2015 Essiac Products Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

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