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ESSIAC â and it’s composition has been used for thousands of years by the autochthons native Americans and since 1922 by Nurse Rene Caisse who has called the product ESSIAC, which is her last name spelled backwards. It is said in most literature, that ESSIAC has cured thousands of cancers, has proven itself in the prevention of cancer, definitely enhances the well being of all who consumed the ESSIACâ products. It is said by numerous organizations that ESSIAC is beneficial in the treatment of cancers and other serious diseases. It is said that ESSIACâ has no ill side effects when taken prudently and according to the health care provider. It is said the ESSIAC TREATMENT, consists of the 5 main formulations the Decoction, Salve, Injectable, Enema, RMC kidney pills, and the 240 galenical formulations. Rene Caisse’s ESSIAC TREATMENT has caused remission in numerous cancers and other conditions. Note; There is only one True Complete Original ESSIAC TREATMENT and product .

Nurse Caisse has given the formulations to only one person Mr. Gilbert Blondin, vice president of this company she has given these formulations in her own handwriting in November 1977,and was continuously manufactured by Nurse Caisse and Mr. Blondin in the making of the products and Nurse Caisse has given him personal instructions in the ESSIAC TREATMENT. Noting that nurse Caisse did not sell a product but she gave/sold the product along with the ESSIAC TREATMENT. She made a liquid called Decoction and never gave /sold herbs to make the products.

Therefore all others are counterfeits

There is only one company that has the ONLY TRUE COMPLETE ORIGINAL formulations of the 5 main basic formulas and the 240 galenical formulations used in the ESSIAC TREATMENT. There is only one company that supports and clinically teaches the health care practitioners the ESSIAC TREATMENT and this is given in seminar form directly to the practitioners. The only company that uses the ESSIAC TREATMENT is this company. NO other have the true complete original Essiac products used the ESSIAC TREATMENT

Time has proved the efficacy of the onlyTRUE COMPLETE ORIGINAL ESSIACâ

When the ESSIAC TREATMENT is used, then efficacy and the same positive results are obtainable in the use of the genuine treatment of Rene Caisse’s ESSIAC TREATMENT as presented by this company


Pierre Gaulin

Sworn original document

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